Every manager and entrepreneur is aware of the importance of business networking and quality business content. NetPRO is the largest business and networking conference organized by the Business Intelligence Center and business assistant Bizi.si. Every year, in October, its goal is to connect businessmen, entrepreneurs and managers from different areas of the economy, with a view to create new business synergies, both in Slovenia and internationally. The conference is dedicated to all businesse groups, such as small and medium-sized companies.




Each year NetPRO conference is interactively divided into 3 sections:

Lectures – the front part of the area 
An interesting and informative lectures with examples from business and business practices. Participants are divided into tables, which are often change. Every year, the guests of the conference are localy and internationally recognized speakers as well as managers and entrepreneurs.

Networking nodes – central area  

Organized networking and business matchmaking nodes. Systematic exchange of business cards. 
Business nodes and in mini business fair - entrance hall 

Showroom and B2B and B2C nodes for presentation of products and services and for one-on-one meetings. 


Free legal advice  

Conference participants receive a voucher for a free legal advice and possibility for one-on-one meetings with lawyers at networking nodes.



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