What is it about?


International Business Hackathon is an international business marathon, a competition of individuals, assorted into groups, in solving business cases. International Business Hackathon is powered by Business Intelligence Center a, in collaboration with international partners.
In general, hackathons are famous mostly as being IT hackathons, where groups of IT experts try to solve different cases or find different solutions in 2 days. Did you know that Facebook Like button was created as a result of a hackathon? The International Business Hackathon goes one step further - its participants will be entrepreneurs, young managers and business individuals from the whole SEE and WE region and they will solve business cases, assorted in international groups of 4-5 participants.




Who are the contestants?


We invite all ambitious and career-centered individuals, young managers, entrepreneurs, to apply. In order to apply you have to meet the following requirements: at least 1 year of work experience and a Bachelor degree. Applicants can be young managers (junior, middle or top / senior management), as well as young entrepreneurs and business individuals. The participants can be representatives of any kind of industry or department (marketing, HR, Sales, PR, etc.). We welcome all career-centered and ambitious individuals!


Jury of experts and keynotes


The jury of experts will consist of experts from various countries: Business school representatives, regional CEO's and chairmen, VC-s, ABC accelerator CEO, BIC CEO and CEO's or respected representatives of main sponsors.




International Business Hackathon is organized by: