IAMPRO stands for International Association of MBA Professionals. It is a non-for-profit formation, powered by impartial interests of organisations and individuals with a common goal to network, boost business potential and to learn from each other business cases. Members of IAMPRO are members and alumni of various MBA schools, national universities with MBA programs, business professionals and managers from Adriatic and Central European region.
Powered by the non-for-profit business center Business Intelligence Center (www.bi-center.eu), MBA Friends and business individuals, IAMPRO is an independent formation, located in a beautiful capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. 
IAMPRO stands for international networking, business excellence and life-long learning principle within MBA communities. As an association it hosts formal gatherings, forms international connections and performs educational programs. The brand MBA Friends, until today a vivid formation of MBAs’ and their friends, stands now as the social section within IAMPRO, hosting up to 5 international events each year, such as MBA Gala ball, MBA Fair, Annual MBA gathering, MBA Conference and NY's gathering. Together, IAMPRO and MBA Friends connect MBA's and business professionals from more than 8 countries and growing. Alongside gatherings, IAMPRO develops a series of educational programs, conferences and business forums in the region. 


The idea of getting together all MBA professionals of CE and Adriatic region has its roots back in 2012, with MBA Friends. Slowly, but constantly, a vivid community of MBA's and business professionals started to gather in smaller formations in order to network. In 2014 the aspiration for having a professional network grew even stronger, and a group of MBA alumni individuals from various business schools in the region decided to form IAMPRO, an international association of MBA professionals, with merged MBA Friends as a social section, within which every MBA alumni and management professional can form and develop international connections, improve his / her business skills and strive towards business excellency.


International Association of MBA Professionals is led by a group of independent business professionals, MBA alumni, coming from various backgrounds, business industries. The Executive board meets twice or three times a year to form IAMPRO strategies upon voting on suggested program structure guidelines. Members of IAMPRO executive board are MBAs’ of different business schools from Slovenia and neighboring countries. Upon their business interest fields they can engage either in project groups of different IAMPRO international projects or just advise IAMPRO on their activities or boost the association activities by their network connections.

Beri Več