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29. - 30. 9. 2016, Ljubljana


Program is designed to equip participants to confidently help conceive, lead and execute digital innovation initiatives and develop new business models for existing and insurgent organizations.

The basic premise of the course is that the digital disruption is rapidly transforming the fundamental nature how customer interact with companies, changing their user habits and expectations, leaving many companies, in wide range of industries, less digitally advanced than average customer. Digital disruption is not limited to industries like travel, retail, TV content etc. where companies like Airbnb, Uber, Amazon and Netflix have disrupted previously existing business models in most of the world.



Digital disruption is happening, or will happen soon, in all industries and will affect every company in every country. In order to remain relevant to the customers and to lay foundation for success in Digital centric world; executives, entrepreneurs and general managers need to understand scope of Digital Transformation effect on their organizations and their businesses. In order to ensure corporate and personal success in next 3-5 years it is critical to learn how to:

  • Design Digital Transformation Framework
  • Define KPI’s
  • Create roadmap of activities
  • Understand Customer Journey in order to put customer in center of your business
  • Secure resources
  • Make Business case for Digital Transformation
  • Create agile organization where Digital tools are main pillar of company governance

Digital Transformation Program will equip you with tools which will enable you to kick off digital Transformation initiative in your company.

Program is in English language.





Practical Application

Practical Application of this program will be to design the Customer Journey for your company and to evaluate each key point in order to gain strategic advantage on the market.

Program is primarily intended for companies, as participants will work in teams during the program.

Each team will use Customer Journey Map Framework as a guide to evaluate each touchpoint they have met or used with their Company with focus on following topics:

• Which touchpoint needs to be improved
• Which touchpoint meets your expectations as customer
• Which touchpoint is not used at all by the Company during Customer Journey?
• Identify Pain Point and Game changers among touchpoints


Program is intentend for:

Everyone who wants to contribute and understand how the digital transformation advances value creation commercially and how if affects on customers satisfaction and user experience.


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Manuel Alonso Coto, PhD is visiting professor at COTRUGLI Business School and Director of Innovation; Digital Transformation & Marketing, Executive Education, IE Business School.

He has received PhD in Economics (Thesis about digital business in Spain), King Juan Carlos University, Top Management Program (AMP), and Chicago Graduate School of Business &IE Business School. He graduated Executive MBA at IE Business School and Master in Foreign Trade, EOI Business School. He completed the Postgrad in Business Administration (with a focus on Finance), UNED University, Postgrad in Psychology (with a focus on Advertising), and UNED University.

During his career he has worked as a Director of Marketing, Executive Education, IE Business School, Director of Digital Marketing, Executive Education, IE Business School, Director of Customer Oriented Services, IE Business School, Director of Operations,, Director of IT/IS, US Department of Spain, Spain & Portugal and Director of Manufacturing, Agrapisa.

He is an author of the Books:
• “Political Marketing”
• “Direct Marketing 2.0”
• “Blended Marketing. The Digital Marketing Plan as an integrator of on and offline actions”
• “Conversational Capital” (Spanish version)
• “From Second Life to Metaverses Marketing: Business in 3D”
• “I have 30,000 fans; so now what?”
• “Social Media Marketing Plan”
• “Marketing for Lawyers”
• “s-Internationalization”


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