Business Intelligence Center is a business center, which combines business association, business events and business consulting - educational center.

Business Association
BIC has three sections: Business Professionals, Women Professionals and international network - MBA Association IAMPRO (International Association of MBA Professionals On the other hand BIC operates as an international - education center, part of which organizes international conferences, cooperates with domestic and foreign business schools, as well as acts as a facilitator of the Slovenian economy.

Business events
With BIC we organize monthly business meetings, events, conferences (eg. The largest business and networking conference in Slovenia, NetPRO), business networking events, business breakfasts and events a la carte or in collaboration with partners.

Business advisory - educational center
We organize international training programs (LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, Digital Transformation programs) and International Business Hackathons, an international competitions in solving business challenges and finding innovative ideas, strategies or products for companies. 


The benefits of BIClub membership



  • Direct interaction with other members help with business connection.
  • Regional centres and local meetings. Regular meetings in five Slovenian regions as well as meeting at the national level.
  • Five sections which work on the individuals' progress. Focus on the networking, education, exchange of experiences, strengthening business relations and business development
  • Connecting with the local and foreign investors.
  • Connecting with the HR agencies and headhunting agencies. For improvement of career opportunities.
  • International connections. Connections with embassies, clubs and business schools from abroad. 
  • Coaching. Every member has an opportunity to present his or hers own business problems and questions, which the club than helps them solve. 
  • Promotion of the activity of the members inside the club.
  • Educations and congresses, business and networking conferences.
  • Informal events: Business Gala Dance, Yearly Business Forum, pre-New Year Gala Dinner, wine and cheese nights, …